Thank you for visiting the University of Nebraska Biomaterials Program (BMP) webpage. The BMP’s mission is to improve the agricultural economy by developing new uses for biological materials. This mission is fulfilled by bringing faculty together throughout the University to work collaboratively on development and promotion of products and processes that utilize biological materials. Collaborating with researchers, businesses, commodity groups and government agencies, the BMP seeks to solve technical and business challenges inherent to new process, product and market development.

Development of industrial products based on renewable resources is critical to our nation’s security and to enhancing our agricultural economy. Increasing production of biobased industrial products reduces America’s reliance on petroleum; while increasing utilization of food and feed co-products improves agriculture production efficiencies.

To support our collaborative efforts, the BMP provides testing and processing services to clients. We provide services in extraction, extrusion, fermentation and microbial cell culture, enzymatic hydrolysis, biomass pretreatment, and determination of physical and chemical properties for biobased materials and products.

The benefits of BMP research are numerous:

  • New markets for Nebraska's agricultural materials give our rural economy renewed vitality and stability.
  • New biobased products and processes lead to a cleaner and safer environment.
  • Partnerships between researchers and business leaders flourish as we cooperate to solve technical problems, comply with government regulations, and meet changing consumer demands.

Student involvement trains the next generation of engineers that will develop and work in the bioeconomy of the future.