Extraction Equipment

BMP Services Extraction & Evaporation

Solvent Extractor ThermoScientific® Accelerated Solvent Extractor 350

The BMP's Accelerated Solvent Extractor can perform extractions of agricultural materials with a variety of solvents and process parameters. The ASE 350 can perform extractions in an hour that take many hours in a Soxhlet apparatus or a similar apparatus.

Rocket Evaporator Genevac Rocket Evaporator

The BMP's Evaporator can quickly evaporate solvent from up to 18 ASE 350 tubes in a few hours. This is in contrast to evaporating one sample at a time in a Rotary Evaporator, which would take several days.

The combination of the ASE 350 and the Rocket Evaporator allows BMP researchers to evaluate different solvents and process parameters in a fraction of the time that is required with more traditional methods.

Other available equipment:

  • Parr 4520 Bench top 1L Reactor
  • Accuthermal Fluidized Temperature Bath
  • Nitrogen Sample Concentrator