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BMP Research Program Grain Processing

In 2015, Nebraska was 3rd in the nation in corn production producing 1.7 billion bushels1, 2nd in the nation in ethanol production capacity at 2.1 billion gallons2, and 6th in the nation in grain sorghum production producing 23 million bushels1. Processing of corn and grain sorghum is an important part of Nebraska’s economy and adds substantial value to these crops. Ethanol production, high fructose corn syrup, and poly-lactic acid are examples of products produced from corn and grain sorghum.

The Industrial Agricultural Products Center is researching methods to produce new products from these grains to add further value to these important crops. These efforts include utilization of fiber as a feedstock for fermentation, production of wax from sorghum fiber, and conversion of grains to hydrogen.

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BMP Grain Processing Publications

The BMP with support from the Nebraska Corn Board and the United Sorghum Checkoff Board, is developing new products and processes that utilize corn and grain sorghum while supporting the education of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Some example publications from the Center’s Faculty Affiliates and Staff are listed below:

*BMP staff

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