Bioproducts Equipment

BMP Research Program Bioproducts

Bioproducts research at the Industrial Agricultural Products Center goes beyond the production of biofuels. The Center develops methods to produce bio-based chemicals and biopolymers that can supplement and/or replace traditional petroleum-based chemicals with renewable alternatives. This field of research supports the overall biorefinery concept for rural communities in Nebraska and the greater Midwest.

Bio-based chemicals serve as bulk commodity chemicals for industry or specialty chemicals for specific end uses. Biopolymers replace or supplement petroleum-based plastics and foams. Many of the biopolymers studied at the Center are derived from corn starch or other suitable starches and proteins. In some cases, new applications are evaluated for biopolymers that are readily available through commercial manufacturers, in other cases, our staff or clients have derived new biopolymer formulations that are prepared, processed and evaluated.

The Center's broad background in extrusion processing and the laboratory extrusion processing capabilities that are available greatly enhance the Center’s biopolymer research. The Center is also exploring biopolymers produced by bacteria through a fermentation process and genetically-modified plants.

BMP Bioproduct Patents

The bioproducts research program has supported several graduate students, numerous journal publications, and five patents that are listed below: