Welcome to Nebraska Agriculture

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Dr. Milford Hanna

Dr. Milford Hanna, IAPC Director, Professor Emeritus, Biological Systems Engineering

A welcome from our director:

Welcome to the Industrial Agricultural Products Center (IAPC) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. IAPC is a multifaceted organization uniquely positioned to bring together multidisciplinary teams, including research faculty from departments across the University of Nebraska campus. Working independently and with clients, these scientists, engineers, and business experts strive to solve the technical and business problems inherent in new process, product and market development.

Industrial development in this country depends on our ability to capitalize on rapidly changing technology. We offer help to develop biobased industrial products and processing techniques, which will enhance industry's ability to compete in a global marketplace.

Our staff works closely with entrepreneurs and members of private industry from the initial stages of research to final production. As we work together to solve problems we develop common goals which serve not only rural Nebraskans, but our whole nation. As we work together to develop economically viable, environmentally friendly products and processes, we help secure our position in a healthy global environment and business community.

The Center's mission is to improve the economy of Nebraska and the Great Plains Region by developing new uses for agricultural raw materials.

The benefits of IAPC research are numerous:

  • New market's for Nebraska's agricultural materials give our rural economy renewed health and stability.
  • New biobased products lead to a cleaner and safer environment.
  • Partnerships between researchers and business leaders flourish as they cooperate to solve technical problems, comply with government regulations, and meet changing consumer demands.
  • IAPC student researchers use the knowledge they gain to develop career skills which will help our country meet the industrial challenges of the 21st century.